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Rigs & Accessories -----
Onshore Drilling Rig
Onshore workover Rig
Rotary Table
Travelling Block and Hook
Drilling Steel Rope
Top Drive
Rig motor
Drilling Hose
Air Winch
Rig Roller Chain

Mud pump & Fluid end parts
Triplex Single Acting Mud pump
Fluid end parts

Handling tools -----
Rotary Slips
Drill Collar Slips
Casing slips
Safety Clamp
BNC Type elevator
SSC Type Elevator
Slip type Elevator
Casing elevator spider
Sucker Rod elevator
Single Joint Elevator
Roller Kelly bushing
Master Casing Bushing
Casing Bushing
Manual tong
Power tong
Hydraulic cathead
Air Safety Spinning Wrench
Kelly Spinner

Solid control equipment ----
Solid Control Equipment

BOP and Accessories -----

Drilling Strings -----
H-W Drill pipe
Drill Collar
X-over Subs
drilling jar
Hole opener
Under reamer
Down Hole motor
Drill pipe

Fishing Tools -----
Safety Joint
Reverse Circulating Junk Basket
Casing Scraper

Drilling Instruments -----

Flow control products -----
Gate valve
Butterfly valve
SPM Plug valve

Wellhead & X-mass -----
Wellhead & X-mass tree

   About Us

Mast Petroequip Co.,Ltd.(MPC) has been dedicating itself to serve drilling contractors since its establishment in April,2007 with world - class products at competitive price.

With adherence to our motto "Credibility, customer service at the core and market orientation" , we have established good relationship with customers in various fields. We are praised by our customers, bankers and government authorities for performance and management. We are proud of our well-trained staff and efficient management expertise, the driving forces behind our rapid business expansion

All products supplied are machined by China API licensed manufacturers under ISO Q/C System and western designs, which includes but not limited to:
>> Mission, Varco / BJ for handling tools
>> C. Emsco, Gardner Denver for Mud pump
>> INational Oilwell, Dreco for rig
>> Martin Decker, for drilling instrumentations
>> Harrisburg, Mission, Victory for centrifugal pumps
>> Bowen. Gotco for fishing tools
>> Shaffer, Cameron for BOP
>> Koomey for Accumulator (BOP Closing unit)
>> ABB, Ross Hill, and Simens for SCR/VFD system

Global supplier of completes rigs, components, tools and spare parts

We will uphold our motto and endeavor to offer best service to our customers. We welcome friends at home and abroad to contact us and establish business relationship.

In a spirit of "Hand in hand seeking common development with customers"  and with target to become a world-class company, we are committed to our best service to our customers and society. Let us work together for a bright future.
















Contacts Us

Add: Room.1201 ,No.1 Building, Yingkou Roud, Yangpu District   Shanghai, China 200433


Fax: +86-21-5523-8689


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