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Rigs & Accessories -----
Onshore Drilling Rig
Onshore workover Rig
Rotary Table
Travelling Block and Hook
Drilling Steel Rope
Top Drive
Rig motor
Drilling Hose
Air Winch
Rig Roller Chain

Mud pump & Fluid end parts Triplex Single Acting Mud pump Fluid end parts

Handling tools -----
Rotary Slips
Drill Collar Slips
Casing slips
Safety Clamp
BNC Type elevator
SSC Type Elevator
Slip type Elevator
Casing elevator spider
Sucker Rod elevator
Single Joint Elevator
Roller Kelly bushing
Master Casing Bushing
Casing Bushing
Manual tong
Power tong
Hydraulic cathead
Air Safety Spinning Wrench
Kelly Spinner

Solid control equipment ----
Solid Control Equipment

BOP and Accessories -----

Drilling Strings -----
H-W Drill pipe
Drill Collar
X-over Subs
drilling jar
Hole opener
Under reamer
Down Hole motor
Drill pipe

Fishing Tools -----
Safety Joint
Reverse Circulating Junk Basket
Casing Scraper

Drilling Instruments -----

Flow control products -----
Gate valve
Butterfly valve
SPM Plug valve

Wellhead & X-mass -----
Wellhead & X-mass tree

   Fluid end parts

Piston Hubs

Piston hubs are manufactured from AISI5140 heat-treated forged alloy steel machined on modern CNC Lathed to exact dimensions. They meet all API tolerances and different temperature applications. They are Available in size 3" to 8" in series A.K.B and L with types of duplex and triples

Piston Rods
A full line of piston rods is available for various pumps. They are made by forged alloy steel, with thermal refining treatment, which results in the excellent mechanical characteristic. Duplex and triplex are available.

pistons are made with tough and durable rubber for all pressures, available in single-and double acting in variety sizes for most pumps

Liner is designed to fit most mud pump types. Triplex and duplex are both available with Hy-chrome iron liner, Cr-plated liner and hardened steel liner.

Hy-chrome Mud Pump Liner
Hy-chrome Mud Pump Liner is made with a high chrome iron sleeve in a forged steel hull. The bore hardness is 60 to 67 Rockwell Scales while the hull has high tensile strength of more than 90000psi.Combining the characteristics of chrome with state of the art manufacturing, the liners can withstand mud pressure of up to 7000psi.The life of our Hy-chrome liners is proved to generally reach a level of more than 800 hours.

Chrome-plated Liner
chrome-plated liners made from premium-forged steel with the cord plated by chrome. The chrome-plated liners have hardening characteristics of 58 to 62 Rockwell C hardness

Hardened Steel Liner
Hardened steel liners are made with premium seamless steel tube, in which the bore is carbureted and quenched, creating a hardened layer with hardness of 58 to 62 Rockwell C scales.


Full line fluid end parts and expendables for mud pump of National, Oilwell, Ideco, Gardner Denver, Emsco,etc.





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