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Grapple Releasing Spear is an internal catch fishing tool designed to retrieve tubular members from the well bore. It is a rugged, dependable, and inexpensive device. The simple design assures positive engagement throughout the fishing operation is easy to release and re-engage if necessary and may be run in conjunction with other equipment such as pack-off attachments and internal cutting tools.


The basic Grapple Releasing Spear consists of a mandrel, a grapple, a bull nose nut, and a release ring. The mandrel is made of specially heat treated high strength alloy steel; and may be ordered either as a flush type to enter completely into a fish or as a shoulder type to provide a positive landing position on top of the fish. Size and type of the upper box connection is provided according to customer's exact specifications.

Assembly and Operation

First screw the grapple onto the mandrel. (Note: This is a left hand thread.) Slip the release ring onto the end of the mandrel and make up the nut. Screw the grapple down the mandrel hand tight against the release ring. This puts the tool into the run-in position.

Make up spear to bottom of fishing string. Run in and position the spear in the fish, then rotate the mandrel one full turn to the left. The grapple should now be engaged. Pulling straight up will cause the tapers on the mandrel to expand the grapple and will allow the grapple to bite into the fish.

To disengage the grapple, bump down and rotate to the right several turns. Pulling straight up should free the spear. When coming out of the fish, continue to rotate slowly to the right.

Standard Components

Mandrel - The mandrel has an upper box type connection cut according to customer's specifications. The lower end is threaded to accept the bull nose nut or can also accept a mill nose, sub, or side hill nut. The central body of the mandrel has a helical tapered configuration where the grapple is installed. This tapered O.D. matches the I.D. of the grapple and provides the basic mechanism for proper engagement and retrieval.

Grapple - Each grapple is machined to fit a specific size and weight of pipe, tubing, or casing. This assures maximum surface engagement and minimum fish distortion.

Bull Nose Nut with release ring - A Bull Nose Nut and release ring are standard components of the Grapple Releasing Spear.

Optional Components

Segment Spear Grapples - The 8 5/8-inch and 9 5/8-inch spears can be fitted with a segmented grapple assembly. With this assembly, the 8 5/8-inch spear can be used to pull up to 13 3/8-inch casing. The 9 5/8-inch tool can be used to pull up to 20-inch casing. This greatly enhances the spear's usefulness.

Mill Nose, Side Hill and Sub Nuts - These components are available as accessories. The mill nose nut can be used to clean the top of the fish in case it is badly distorted and obstructs the entrance of the spear. The side hill nut design allows the spear to be inserted when the fish is partially embedded in the side of the hole. The sub nut allows additional tools to be assembled below the spear.

Pack-off Attachment - A pack-off assembly is available to attach below the spear when using the sub nut.

Stop Sub - A shouldered stop sub can be ordered to convert the flush type spear into a shouldered type. A stop ring can be added to increase the shouldered diameter.




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