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Onshore Drilling Rig
Onshore workover Rig
Rotary Table
Travelling Block and Hook
Drilling Steel Rope
Top Drive
Rig motor
Drilling Hose
Air Winch
Rig Roller Chain

Mud pump & Fluid end parts
Triplex Single Acting Mud pump
Fluid end parts

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Rotary Slips
Drill Collar Slips
Casing slips
Safety Clamp
BNC Type elevator
SSC Type Elevator
Slip type Elevator
Casing elevator spider
Sucker Rod elevator
Single Joint Elevator
Roller Kelly bushing
Master Casing Bushing
Casing Bushing
Manual tong
Power tong
Hydraulic cathead
Air Safety Spinning Wrench
Kelly Spinner

Solid control equipment ----
Solid Control Equipment

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Drilling Strings -----
H-W Drill pipe
Drill Collar
X-over Subs
drilling jar
Hole opener
Under reamer
Down Hole motor
Drill pipe

Fishing Tools -----
Safety Joint
Reverse Circulating Junk Basket
Casing Scraper

Drilling Instruments -----

Flow control products -----
Gate valve
Butterfly valve
SPM Plug valve

Wellhead & X-mass -----
Wellhead & X-mass tree

   Butterfly valve

Butterfly Valves


  • One piece ribbed wafer and lugged body is Polyester coated as standard for a superior appearance and excellent resistance to external corrosion.
  • Heavy duty ISO5211 Top plate is slotted for use of actuation and engineered to accept direct mounting of operators.
  • Standard extended neck provides full clearance for 2" of insulation.


  • Streamlined design offers higher CV and lower pressure drop.
  • Machined Double D drive ensures close tolerances thereby elimating the imprecision commonly found in the cast-in drives offered by our competitors.


  • Triple shaft seals support the primary seal on machined radius of the disc. Our triple shaft seals ensure a dry stem design.
  • Two secondary shaft seals are located inside the seat shaft holes and an environmental shaft seal eliminates contaminates from entering the shaft bore.
  • Two self lubricated bronze bearings offer consistent torque value and eliminate side loading.

Disc/Shaft Connection

  • A high strength machined Double D drive ensures a positive shaft to disc connection.
  • Disc floats inside the seat for positive sealing and extended seat life.
  • No pins or bolts are exposed to flow.
  • Offset shaft retainers mechanically retain the shaft in the body ensuring a blow out proof design.

Manual Controls

Handle Kit
The Handle Kit is designed for manual on/off and throttling service for quarter turn, resilient seated butterfly valves ranging from 2" - 12". The Polyester coated ductile iron handle kit includes the handle assembly with a locking lever and bolt on plate notched at 10 degree increments. The notched plate also includes on/off stops to prevent over travel of the handle and can be used with a padlock as standard. Other available options include an Infinite Throttling Handle Kit, Memory Stop and a 2" Square Nut.
Handwheel Gear Kit
The Handwheel Gear Operator is designed for manual on/off and throttling service for quarter turn butterfly valves ranging from 2"?-12".The Handwheel gear operator's constructed with a heavy duty, Polyester coated cast iron housing, is Completely self lubricated and weatherproof. Along with the gear operator, it also includes a valve position indicator, ductile iron Handwheel and mechanical travel stops for field adjustment. Other available options include a Chainwheel Kit, Padlock Kit and a 2" Square Nut.

Materials of Construction 2" - 12"

  • Cast Iron ASTM A126 Class B
  • Ductile Iron ASTM A-536 (65-45-12)
  • Ductile Iron ASTM A395 (60-40-18)
  • Electroless Nickel Plated Ductile Iron ASTM A536 (65-45-12)
  • Aluminum Bronze ASTM B148 (954)
  • Nylon 11 Coated Ductile Iron ASTM A536 Grade (65-45-12)
  • 316 Stainless Steel ASTM A351 (CF8M)
  • 316 Stainless Steel ASTM A276 Type 316
  • 416 Stainless Steel ASTM A582 Type 416
  • Phosphate coated steel




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